Michael Herbert, August 2014

It was with great delight that members of Oxford Spires presented Michael Herbert with not just one but TWO honours at our club meeting on Tuesday 26th August 2014.

Michael is a member of Wallingford, Sinodun and District Rotary Club (previously Sinodun Rotary Club) and he attended our meeting because he was told that we would have a short meeting before the club meeting to discuss the learning points from our weekend food stand at Truck Music festival last month. Graham and Rachel from the same club also joined us for the evening, because they knew what was planned.


Our club President, Steve Axtell, presented Michael with a certificate and badge of honorary membership, our first honorary member, and then he presented him also with a Paul Harris Fellowship.

Michael has supported Oxford Spires since we took over the organisation of the Pooh Sticks World Championships from Sinodun Rotary Club in 2009. Without his practical expertise, his energy, enthusiasm, huge amount of time that he gives, his car and trailer, his garage and car full of useful kit, and his leadership when a group of less experienced mortals try to erect a tent, it would simply not be possible for Oxford Spires to run Pooh Sticks.


Similarly, he helps us with our onion bhaji and lentil dahl stand at the Truck Music Festival in Steventon each July. He delivers kit to site, helps to set up the tents and kitchens and makes sure that the gas cylinders are safe. Then after all of that, he helps us cook for lots of the weekend.

Michael takes part in many other activities outside Rotary and a few of us have seen him perform in Oliver and Fiddler on the Roof both in Dorchester, as Mr Collins in the musical version of Pride and Prejudice in Henley, as a member of the cast of Oh! What a Lovely War, also in Henley, and we saw his success as stage manager for The

Wizard of Oz also at Dorchester Abbey. Michael has become a good friend of the club and a great friend to many of the club’s members. We all agreed that it was right for us to acknowledge his support, energy and friendship with both honorary membership of Oxford Spires and with a Paul Harris Fellowship.