A purple cat at the Purple 4 Polio Party

At this year’s Purple 4 Polio dinner party, we were joined by a shimmering purple pussycat to make a purple dinner party even more purple.


Club members Karen and Richie hosted the dinner party at their home, complete with purple decorations and delightful food. All the guests looked fabulous in their purple clothes that completed the purpleness.


It was a lovely three course meal and there was also some light entertainment in the form of that classic game show Blankety Blank, the game where you fill in the blank word in the sentence. Richie was witty, charming, funny and kept everyone captivated. This is the author’s honest and professional opinion.


We were raising money for the End Polio Now campaign, and with a low ticket price and low costs, the purple dinner event raised over £200.


Thank you to everyone that came to the dinner party!