Literacy In A Box Trust – Mike Ware and Rachel Gerrish guest speakers

In less well-developed countries, where their infrastructure and resources are poor, there is much less opportunity for their children to be educated and become literate. Mike Ware and Rachel Gerrish from the Rotary and Rotaract clubs of Bourne End and Cookham visited our club to give a presentation on the initiative called The Literacy In A Box Trust.


Mike started the evening by telling us how he The Literacy In A Box Trust began. It started when The Rotary Club of Roborough, Plymouth took a trip to South Africa. They wanted to make an impact on the education problem in the country. They started the initial programme of providing educational material to schools in Africa, which became an explosive success. So much so they needed to create a separate entity to run the programme as a trust. These boxes are passed on to the schools in Zambia that are in partnership with the Trust.


Rachel Gerrish continued the presentation with the logistics side of the trust. Along with her own experiences, stories and photos. Stories including how they expanded one of the boxes with sport and game kind of equipment. After all, sports can be educational as well, just like books.


A Literacy In a Box box cost around £325 each. Within a box is everything that children need for education, from pencils to books to backpacks and more. Each box is fully of quality equipment that money can buy. Not cheap stuff from cheap stores.


A box can be sent to any place in Africa, however there are the regular places that get the regular supply of boxes. Demand in Zambia is growing exponentially, hence why delivering to Zambia is more regular than other place. The Trust does all that it can to ensure that schools that are in partnership with the Trust are fully equipment and are able to sustain themselves.


A detailed and informative presentation indeed. Rachel Gerrish is an ambassador for the Literacy In A Box Trust, as well as being a Rotaractor and the District Rotaract Representative for District 1090.