MURDER!! How one member of Rotary Oxford Spires has connections to a murder

What does one member of the club have to do with murder? Well today club member Carol gave us a presentation on how investigating her family tree revealed a fascinating story of murder.


Carol’s presentation began with details on her father. He did some investigation work on their family tree. He focused on Carol’s mother’s side of the family. This lead to the story of Great Aunt Lou, who is Carol’s Great Great Aunt.

Great Aunt Lou was murdered in April 1915 at the ripe old age of under 40.

Carol carried on to give more details about the murder. She read out all the information about the murder, from reading out the police’s testimonies, to what all the witnesses said to the police. There was a man that was accused with murdering Great Aunt Lou; he was a 24 year old man name Holland.


As Carol was telling the story she started to act more in character. She performed as she read out the witness statements. Everybody in the room was captivated and was hanging on Carol’s every word as they tried to figure out if Holland was guilty or innocent.


At the end there was a discussion from everyone at the meeting. People were analysing the evidence presented to them. The room was fully divided; half thought that he was innocent, half thought that he was guilty. Ultimately everyone had a enjoyable night of detective work.

So was Holland guilty or innocent? That is a question that you would have to ask Carol directly.

You can read the full story in Oxford Journal Illustrated, which is available at St Luke’s Records Office.