Nicole Rolfe, Children’s Air Ambulance, 23rd October 2012

Nicole spoke to club about the new Children’s Air Ambulance that will be launched in early 2013 and will be used to transport children between hospitals.

The Childrens Air Ambulance is a charity that helps transport critically ill children to specialist hospitals such as Great Ormond Street for emergency treatment. It is fitted out with specialized equipment which is made especially for this purpose. When treatment is 5 hours away by road, the Air Ambulance cuts it down to 55 minutes (from Manchester to London). This is just one example showing how vital every moment is when a childs life is in danger.
The Air Ambulance flys the children to specialist peadiatric teams, children suffering with illnesses such a meningitis, respiratory and cardiac failure, children in a coma and babies born too early are just some of the cases that the ambulance helps.

It saves lives. Nicole told us what one parent said, ” When life saving treatment is 5 hours away it feels like forever” “every bump in the road and set of traffic lights set my nerves jangling, but the worst part was the traffic jams. Every time we stopped I was screaming inside – MOVE get out of the way – MY BOY CANT BREATHE” I think that said it to all of us how vital the Childrens Air Ambulance service is, and it made us all think.
With approximately 5,800 children needing inter-hospital transfers, itis going to be a very busy time for the Childrens Air Ambulance, when they start up early next year. They are not government funded and receive no Lottery backing.

For more information go to their web page or twitter @ChildrensAirAmb and they are also on Facebook.