Pauline Lowe, Rotary Club of Eynsham, 25th June 2013

Pauline Lowe, a member of the Rotary Club of Eynsham, came to speak to us about a project in Kilifi, on the coast of Kenya, where Eynsham has supported local Rotary Clubs to provide clean water to schools.

Pauline used to live in Kilifi, while working for Oxford University’s Wellcome Trust funded research unit next to the hospital. She was a member of Kilifi Rotary Club and she has maintained her links since returning to the UK. Eynsham RC was given a District Grant of £500 in 2012-13. This was matched with £1,000 from Eynsham and used to ensure the supply of clean water to 5 schools in the Kilifi area, by connecting the schools to the mains water supply. All schools already participated in the Rotary sponsored de-worming project and they also had water tanks and were within reach of the mains water supply.

The work was completed in December 2012 and Pauline visited the schools in January 2013 to see the difference that the work made to the schools. The children were previously spending a lot of time collecting water from commercial outlets or ponds. The 5 schools supported by this project serve 3,000 children.

The next project planned by Eynsham and Kilifi Rotary Clubs will need a Global Grant. This will be a minimum of 30,000 US dollars (under the new grant funding schemes) and so Eynsham is looking for partner clubs to support the project. The plan is to install more than 30 toilets in the schools. Currently there is one toilet for approximately 200 children. This compares to the World Health Organisation recommendation of one for 25 children. As Pauline explained, by improving water supply and sanitation, the schools can work towards prevention of illnesses rather than simply treatment.

Pauline’s photos below are from her visit to Kilifi in January 2013. From Eynsham’s report on the use of the District Grant.

Silala Primary School, with headmaster, school children and Kilifi Rotarians