Pheobe Stewart-Cox, from the Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary

A joint Rotary-Rotaract meeting made it a full house when Phoebe Stewart-Cox came to speak to us about the Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary. Situated in Stadhampton, it is a rehoming and rescue centre that started in 1967 – the sanctuary follows a non-refusal and a non-destruction policy.


Funded entirely by donations they have rehomed over 22,000 animals. Currently the 20 members of staff provide care for 150 animals including 54 dogs, 45 cats, 9 rabbits, 3 guinea pigs, 4 sheep, 4 goats, 1 horse and 1 pony. With weekly vet visits providing health care, vaccinations, neutering, spaying and chip implantations, the residents are extremely well cared for.

The Sanctuary costs approximately £600,000 per annum to run with the majority of expenditure being spent on food, veterinary bills, waste disposal, and staff salaries. Donations and legacies provide the main source of income to help with running costs. A number of capital projects have been completed in the past year including the addition of a new cattery and feral cat shed, the renovation of the existing cat building, and a brand new kennel block and dog exercise area.

oas2In the future, the OAS would like to add more kennel blocks, hydrotherapy and grooming rooms, and continue to provide a high level of training for its staff. The generous support of the Sanctuary’s donors is crucial if they are to continue achieving many of their community and operational objectives now and in the future. You can help support OAS in a variety of ways by adopting, donating, volunteering, sponsoring, and raising awareness of the Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary.


Karen, the club president, gave a cheque to Pheobe from the club for the Sanctuary’s ongoing activities.





Visit the Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary website