President’s End of Year Party at Karen & Richie’s house

The year rushed by and was full of successful and fun activities, so we celebrated the end of the year at Karen & Richie’s house on Saturday 18th June. Lots of club members were able to come along, some with partners, some with children. A few of the Rotaractors joined us and our visitor Grace also came along. The rain held off but we had the club gazebo out just in case. Pooh Bear was of course there and we also had the splat the rat and hook a duck games out for all to play. We thought that this was an important part of the afternoon given that normally at Pooh Sticks most of us have no time to think straight let alone have a go at one of the games.

Lesley and Anne both made some lovely desserts and Richie was happy in charge of his new gas barbeque.