Rebekah Sammut, Young Dementia UK, 25th March 2014

Rebekah Sammut works as a Community Fundraiser for Young Dementia UK, an Oxfordshire based charity that supports sufferers and their families when they are faced with young onset dementia.

The charity was established in 1998 after a couple of years of research into the support given to those affected by young onset dementia. It was initially called The Clive Project, named after Clive Beaumont who was diagosed with dementia in his 40s. There was little support right for him, his wife and thier young children. Clive died in 1999 at the age of 51.

Young Dementia UK today supports families across the county with a One to One Service and a Family Service. It also has online resources and organises regular social cafes.

The One to One Service provides trained support workers who visit clients on a weekly basis to help with day to day activities or a trip out for example cycling or a trip to the shops. The service helps to build self-cinfidence and well-being and to maintain or build skills.
The Family Service provides face to face support as well as email and phone support for the whole family.Young onset dementia affects the whole family and the support enables families to face the challenges of living with the dementia.

Rich presented Rebekah with a donation from Oxford Spires for Young Dementia UK.