Supporting the newly reformed Oxford Rotaract Club AND the Stroke Association’s Know Your Blood Pressure campaign

The members of the newly reformed Oxford Rotaract Club were keen to start their programme of activities as soon as humanly possible and were very interested to hear about Rotary’s nation wide partnership with the Stroke Association. We all agreed that it could be a great opportunity to tell people about Rotaract, meet with local Rotarians, take advantage of an existing strong partnership with the Stroke Association and of course also raise awareness among the public of the link between high blood pressure and increased risk of Stroke.

Rada, from the new club, approached Oxford Town Hall to ask about space and received a very quick positive response. Karen, from Oxford Spires, contacted the Stroke Association to register the event and request the promotional materials and the forms, and contacted local Rotarians to ask for help. It all came together really quickly!

On Saturday 16th March, the team was made up of six new Rotaractors, five Rotarians from Oxford Spires, Reading Matins and Oxford Isis clubs, and another friend able to take blood pressures. Our two medical professionals took the blood pressures of 30 people during the afternoon, and we spoke to many others about Rotary, Rotaract and the Know Your Blood Pressure initiative. And we were also visited by other Rotarians and Rotary Scholars, delighted to welcome the new team members into Rotaract.

Just the first of many events planned by the new team!