Winner of The President’s Star Award 2016/17

This Year’s Winner of the President’s Star Award is our Speaker organiser and membership officer, Graham Rayner.

Graham was awarded the President’s Star Award by our now past President and founder of Oxford Spires Katy Goodey, in recognition of all his efforts in ensuring we had excellent speakers to educate and inform us at some of our meetings. Graham brings not only enthusiasm and fun to the club, but a wealth of experience from his years as a member of the Wallingford, Sinodun & District Rotary Club. This was also the Club that took on The World Poohsticks Championships from the Loch Keeper at Little Witteneham  34 years ago

Club member Graham winner of the President’s Star Award with his lovely wife and Honorary Club Member Rachel.

Congratulations Graham we are delighted for you and look forward to hearing the excellent speakers you are lining up for us this year!